Chocolate Mocha and Spinach

While on my quest for a healthier lifestyle I have come into contact with a company called Advocare. This company has meal replacement shakes that are full of nutrients and while I know that my smoothies are full of nutrients I know that they are not perfect and that they lack vital nutrients. There fore I have decided to take on these vitamin enriched shakes and add my own twist to them.

chocolatemocha spinach

For this smoothie I used the following:

    1 package of Chocolate Mocha mix
    9oz. Almond Milk
    1/2 cup of spinach
    1 1/2 cups of ice

I don’t do this to every shake, but every once in awhile it’s nice to have something a little different!
I know it does not appear that appealing, but it was oh so delicious!

This has approximtely 310 calories, but is packed with nutirients and protein.


2 responses

    • Believe it or not there is little to no taste of the spinach in the shake. In fact if it is blended properly you would never even see it and would have no idea it was in there unless someone told you!

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